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Terms & Conditions

We would like our customers or our web-users (anyone who visits our website from any part of the world) to go through our terms and conditions stated here on our website. The use of the website by anyone who visits our website directly or indirectly agrees to the terms and conditions that are stated down here.

Your access to our website :

We are the rightful owners of the website: The content that which is present here on our website which comprises images, logos, text, video or, pictures, graphics or anything which we have not stated here but which is a part of the website is the sole property of the Techmartlive or the owners of the Techmartlive.
Our customers or our web-users can access our website or view the content that which is present on our website from anywhere. They can use the content only for the general use. They do not have the right to use the content or anything that which is present on our website for the commercial purposes. The user do not have the right to make use of any thing which is present here on our website, (which includes images, logos, pictures, videos, contextual text or anything which we have not mentioned here but it is part of the website) without the prior permission of the rightful owners of the website. Anyone who is found to be doing the same without taking the required permission from the owners of the website will have to undergo legal proceedings.
The users of our website shall not use of our website for any unlawful purposes.
The users of our website shall not reproduce or republish anything that which is present here on our website.
Transfer of the information present here on our website in any form stated or unstated here shall be done.

Technical Issues:

Website or Internet Users from any part of the world can get access to our web site from any part of the world. We always take strict measures to keep our website live and updated. However, sometimes due to some internet issues or other hosting or other technical issues, the website may not be live or may not be in its full form. The owners of the website do not take the responsibility of it. However, necessary procedures will be taken up to resolve the issues as soon as possible.

Warranty Statement:

The information that we have provided here on our website: is right and is updtaed by us from time-to-time. The information is solely for the purpose of making the users understand more about what the website is (We do not offer any sort of guarantee of its being right or authentic as sometimes the information can be outdated or old). The services mentioned are delivered to the best of quality but still the users or the customer will not have any right to accuse us of anything which they do not receive as mentioned or presented to them.


You, the users of the website or the customers, shall protect us from anything which might be detrimental to the growth of our company. You agree to this that you will not hold us liable for anything, whatsoever. We shall not be held liable for any loss or damage or for anything which might directly or indirectly hurt you or your business. You agree to this that you will support us if anytime anyone tries to hold us liable for anything which can be harmful to the growth of our organization. You, as one of our website visitors or our customers, need to defend us all the times or whenever it is required.
We request our website users or the customers to visit this page again as there can be changes in our Terms and Conditions in future (We bring in changes from time-to-time). It is requested that the web-users or the customers shall keep themselves updated of what we have here on this page. Anyone making use of our website without going through our new terms and conditions directly or indirectly agres to our new terms and conditions.
If you would like to know more about Terms And Conditions then please, send us an email to:


Disclaimer : with it's headquartered in USA and provides remote support globally, is an independent provider of on demand tech support and it's not affiliated or sponsored by any brands. We disclaim any ownership with any third parties unless specified. Brand names, images, trademarks and logos used on the website are only for the referential purposes. Customer support may be available on the owner's website. We request you to read our full disclaimer before using our services.Disclaimer & Terms

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Support for Asus

What Our Client Say ?

Technicians at techmartlive are not only good but have a lot of patience to deal with my kind of people,I am 76 and pc is 7 years old but they made my system young and brand new and left me still 76,their services are amazing.

- Daniel Saunders

They did everything remotely and I was feeling like they came to my home, it was tremendous.

- Diana Pauls

It was very easy to get the solution from techmartlive as I was trying it for weeks by myself. I say THANK YOU

- Joel Pippoletti

I have got my system cleaned up and running in better condition now, they are great and their prices too.

- Ryan McGrath

By their guidance I can use my computer much securely now.

- Linda barnes

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